EiBASS ERP : Production - Process Production

Process Production

Drive Resource Optimization & Innovation.

Using Eibass Process Production, you can gain end-to-end visibility across production processes, take full control of shop floor and exercise stringent control over your materials, products and processes, while adhering to quality and safety.


You can benefit from capabilities such as lot traceability, attribute management, catch weights, yields, by-products, co-products, item substitutes, shelf-life and much more. The product supports integration with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems and DCS (Distributed Control System) for enabling real time data collection. The product serves diverse needs of batch, semi-continuous and continuous process industries.


Business processes in the product can be selectively configured to cater to your unique business needs. It is suitable for both single and multi-plant, multi-geography, multi-company enterprises. Eibass Process Production addresses complex requirements of both mid-size and large production enterprises across many verticals such as Food & Beverages, Chemicals, Cement, etc.


Providing you with seamless, end-to-end management, monitoring and communication, the product helps you see exactly what is happening today, so you can plan for tomorrow.

Recipe Management

Model your Data accurately and Control Access to it


Eibass Process Production helps you to safely and efficiently manage your recipes and formulae. You can create formulae, define processes, equipment, stages, routing, etc. and create recipes that describe all that needs to be done to produce a given product. You can enforce access controls on your formulae to protect them from unauthorized access. You can define convergent (Type A), divergent (Type V) and pack formulae. You can define loss and yield in a formula that will help you plan for material requirement better. You can define various properties and parameters of your processes that will help you track their performance during execution.

  • Define recipe formulae, key ingredients, process steps, process parameters in a structured manner.
  • Secure your patented formulations with Formula Security.

Planning & Scheduling

Plan Your Way to Well Coordinated Processes


Eibass Process Production helps process producers to effectively plan and schedule their complex production processes, thereby minimizing WIP (work in progress) inventories and reducing production costs.


You can record production forecasts, carry out production planning using MPS (Master Production Schedule) and validate capacity feasibility using Rough Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP). The product allows you to perform comprehensive Materials Requirement Planning (MRP), where you can define a variety of rules for aligning the plan to your requirements. You can plan for co-product as well.


You can perform finite backward and forward scheduling. You can define rules for scheduling and take care of breakdowns and maintenance requirements of equipment.


Eibass Process Production provides process companies with immense visibility and control over their entire production facilities. The result is synchronized production, logistics, and materials planning.

  • Effectively carry out medium and short term planning.
  • Minimize WIP inventories and reduce manufacturing costs.
  • Achieve synchronized production, logistics, and materials planning.

Production Order Management

Service Orders to Perfection.


Production Order Management acts as a driving force behind effective customer demand fulfillment. You can create production orders manually or through planning process. Production Order Management allows you to create and release unplanned orders, allocate input items to orders using different allocation strategies, combine/split production orders, generate lot numbers on production orders and set up checks for production order closure.

  • Handle complex and diverse order scenarios with precision.
  • Ensure 100% customer satisfaction by delivering orders according to customer specifications.
  • Reduce order processing errors, drastically.

Operations Reporting

Ensure Complete Control of the Production Floor


Eibass Process Production helps you have complete control of your shop floor activities. The product lets you decide on the manner in which you want to report the production floor activities –by order or by resource. You can release production orders and report consumption of input items, production, process parameters and attributes of items produced. You can use the integrated Quality Management system to ensure quality of production. The product can be integrated with real time data collection systems to eliminate data collection errors and manual data entry. You can analyze production floor performance using variance reports.

  • Ensure total control of your production floor operations.
  • Generate informative reports quickly, and gain valuable insights into the efficacy of your shop floor processes.

Process Costing

It’s the Cost that Counts.


With Eibass Process Production, process producers can manage costs through the entire chain of estimation, product & process costing. You can carry out detailed cost estimates and cost simulations for products. You can carry out cost roll-up for items to periodically revise their standard costs. You can specify rules for co-product costing. The product allows you to define the levels at which cost accumulation should happen during operations. You can carry out variance analysis of standard versus actual material & activities reported against the production order in conjunction with the management accounting module.

  • Gain access to a comprehensive cost monitoring and control framework.
  • Manage costs throughout the entire chain—from estimation, product & process costing to cost roll-up.
  • Perform variance analysis to get insights into manufacturing issues.

Real-Time Integration

Power Your Process Control Mechanism.


Eibass’s Real Time Integration (RTI) capability interfaces with PC based systems through open interfaces. With this capability, plant control systems such as DCS, PLC, SCADA, vibration analysis devices, bar coding devices, hand-held data collectors, weighbridge systems, and other PC-based systems can be effectively linked to the product. Parameter measurement values, critical alarm conditions, production hours of process units etc., can be transferred to the product.


Eibass’s RTI capability automates data collection, thus eliminating the errors inherent in manual entry. Continuous online data capturing across industrial controls, plant management, process management and quality management is possible with RTI.

  • Leverage existing plant control systems through RTI for enhanced process control.
  • Automate accurate data collection from various plant control systems and eliminate the chance of errors inherent in manual entry.