EiBASS ERP : Benefit - Context Aware

Context Aware

As businesses turn mobile, social and collaborative, context-aware applications play a key role in improving the user experience. A context aware application intelligently & proactively presents relevant information to users based on their role and security privileges. Real-time interactions with the enterprise applications and processes ensure a context- enriched work experience where people are more productive and efficient.


At EiBass, we ensure that our cloud-based, socially relevant EiBass ERP on Cloud provides such a context-based experience to our customers. The ‘C’ of our ‘musiC’, puts the user’s context at the core. Our context-aware applications understand and know the user, the role of the user, his location, and the device from which it is being run. It is intelligent and intuitive and gets you Real time, Contextual & Location-aware visibility.


Integration with geo spatial applications such as Google Maps is built into our ERP. So if you want to see your customers,suppliers or competitors – you can see them on a map which is a more meaningful way of presenting such data.


Now, with EiBass ERP, you have the visibility at the click of a button so that you have spot-on answers for you questions such as Can I know the quickest/ most efficient route to procure raw materials? , Can I track my dealer network graphically? , Can I drill down to find sales person performance? And Can I get a quick history showing performance trend?


EiBass  ERP enables you to move from Can I to ‘I Can’