EiBASS ERP : Benefit - User Interface

User Interface

Multitasking is the major focus area for all organizational functions, making the process of user interface design a daunting task by any measures. Not only should a UI design adhere to the three fundamental principles – Organizing, Economizing and Communicating – it is expected to empower users to do more in a time efficient manner.


Every Enterprise Application user would have had asked the following questions at some point of time:

  • Why should I keep shuttling between screens?
  • Why should go through so much clutter for a daily task?
  • Why do I need a pen and paper to use my ERP?
  • Why do I need training to use the application?
  • My usage pattern keeps varying, where do I find what I need to do?
  • Are ERP’s designed to be used this way?


EiBass ERP on Cloud addresses all the above concerns with a completely new set of features that focus primarily on delighting users by providing the Best-in-class User Experience. EiBass saw the need for reducing the clutter a legacy ERP screen entails, and came up with the HUB it concept. The new EiBass ERP is an adaptive and intelligent solution that goes far beyond the expectations from a regular ERP system through intuitive decision making capabilities.


Here’s a sneak peek of what all the new EiBass ERP has in store for you:

  • Hub it – Never again would you have to shuttle through multiple screens to achieve a transaction workflow. EiBass’s powerful single HUB with actionable insights to complete your tasks, lets you perform all transactions, from a SINGLE screen. It has shortcuts to all frequently accessed items, dramatically reducing transaction time.
  • Mail it – NO login ERP. Perform everyday transactions by simply sending a 3-4 word email. For instance, you can raise purchase requests, apply/approve leaves or track shipment status and much more.
  • Wear it – With Internet of Things and the rise of digital enterprises, wearables are taking centre-stage enabling business efficiencies. EiBass ERP is supported on leading wearable devices enabling notifications and transactions, providing a seamless mobile experience.