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HR & Payroll

With Human Resource evolving as a key strategic component within organizations, choosing the right HR & Payroll software is critical to engage and empower your employees. We, at Eibass, are simplifying HR strategy by automating traditional HR transactions and driving business benefits across functions. Now you can focus on your people and not spend time navigating around systems or worrying about future changes. Time to re-define Employee Experience onboard Eibass Global Payroll with Time & Attendance and HR on ONE platform across the globe!


Core HR

Businesses are subject to economic cycles. They are expected to deliver on their commitment to their shareholders irrespective of market conditions. In a down swing, businesses are forced to cut costs, work with reduced support staff etc. Topline growth through existing and new venues remains a challenge at all times. Among the many levers that businesses would want to utilize to achieve their goals, Workforce Management is a critical component.


Matching skills availability with demand is the challenge in question. With its rich features, an integrated HCM such as Eibass’s solution is better equipped to provide for such requirements. Processes such as Competency Maps, Time Management, multiple Employee Assignment, Recruitment, and Training present users with an opportunity to use a framework of logically linked processes that help them bridge the gap between demand and supply of skilled Human Resources.


Employee Records

Know your employees in person while they are on an assignment (the employee file / service register). Capture more than 450 discrete pieces of information about the employee through pre-built functions (personal, dependents, skills, training just to name a few).


Employee Movements

Empower the organization by facilitating easy movement of human resources to where they are required. It enables HR functions such as transfers, promotions, and deputations. It is expected that the user would use these functions when it comes to changing an employee’s assignment and moving them across positions, grades, or locations. All relevant history is maintained for future references and analysis.


Travel & Expenses

Eibass HCM’s Travel Management feature provides your employees with an end-to-end facility to manage their travel — from the time they plan their travel and solicit approvals to finally filing for expense claims for reimbursement



Keep your promise of paying your employees the right pay at the right time, across regions.

Overcome the hurdle of constant payroll updates – from tax to regulatory changes – through a systematic system. With integrated Core HR, Time & Attendance and Expense modules, Eibass offers a Global Payroll Software that can be deployed on-cloud, on-premise or as a managed services offering.




    • Create organization-specific rules
    • Define your business logic for Earnings, Deductions, Bonus, Arrears, Leave and Attendance
    • Stay compliant to standardized practices across geographical locations
    • Take into consideration variances within individual, local geographies
    • Deal with multi-element, multi-decimal, multi-currency, and multi-country payroll


Time & Attendance: –

Tracking time and attendance of the employees are very important, as it forms the basis for many HR activities like Payroll, Administration, and so on. Moreover, it is very important that employees meet the required time schedules. Eibass HCM helps you manage your employees’ time and attendance data effectively. You can ensure that employees record their work time using employee self-service, while you centrally record the data in the Human Capital Management System.


Eibass now offers its customers an option to record NFC and GPS based time and attendance to authenticate, trace, and interact with employees at various levels. Watch a Video to see how this feature works. This solution is aimed at catering to businesses with a globally distributed workforce, having multiple small office set-ups across locations, or with a need to track employee movements in highly secure work environments. Smart attendance enables seamless and hassle-free integration and accounting of Time & Attendance data for processing payroll.


Conventionally used attendance mapping systems such as Biometric and Swipe cards are limited in scope, high on investment and do not scale to the needs of a geographically dispersed workforce. Eibass HCM with its GPS + NFC based attendance management system configured on a smart phone is aimed at addressing this pain point of an organization. Click here to discover more about how the smart phone can act as a kiosk.


Eibass’s Time & Attendance solutions integrates seamlessly across your existing systems around biometric devices, swipe cards and any other conventional attendance systems along with future-ready solutions including NFC & GPS based Attendance. Your organization can visualize your employee availability across your offices leveraging the geo-spatial abilities to tag an employee to a specific location.


Leave Management

With Eibass HCM, Leave Management will be easier than ever before for your business, your HR team and managers, and your employees. Eibass HCM allows employees to holistically maintain leave data and information, apply for leave and get approval from their managers through an extensive set of user-defined parameters, available in the application. The same is available on mobile devices and helps increase productivity by providing access anywhere, anytime.





Experience and Expertise — The Perfect Ingredients for Success

What would you prefer to do—micro-manage every little process in your organization or sit back and strategize for the future? While being heavily involved in every minute process can give you an illusion of control and progress, the truth is that you often waste time and effort that could have been more strategically spent. Instead, here’s a proven recipe for success—outsource your non-core processes to domain specialists, quit chasing the little details, sit back and see the big picture!


Outsourcing non-core processes can help you:

      • Access new skills and technologies
      • Enhance efficiency by streamlining operations
      • Optimize use of resources and thus cut costs
      • Establish strategic partnerships with the best-in-class players


The Eibass Edge

Eibass HCM on the Cloud gives you the flexibility to choose between managing your existing system or moving to our comprehensive solution. Either way, what you get is a system that has been tailored to meet your business goals and objectives. That’s because Eibass’s configured and ready-to-use enterprise solutions are flexible, giving you functionalities that have been customized for your business.


Enjoy shared services benefits

Specialization in multiple enterprise functions helps you benefit from shared services, while maintaining the uniqueness of your business. Multiple solution centers in nine countries and the Eibass global delivery model give you access to the best technology and resources.


Get upgraded at no extra cost

A clear road map for migration and future platform upgrades ensure that you get concrete results from the time of implementation. The operations delivery team from Eibass’s shared service center continues to work with you after the transition, focusing on continuous improvement and ensuring that your business always has the right solution to cope with changes.


IP3 Framework

For many years, customers have used their own technology platforms that vendors use to deliver services. As they get caught with legacy issues relating to antiquated platforms, a section of them have started insisting that vendors should invest and own a platform and deliver services through them.


Last Mile Activity

Taking care of statutory year end activities could be quite cumbersome for an organization. It would be ideal if a dedicated team of experienced workforce works on it ensuring perfection. With Eibass HCM’s last mile activity it is now possible. While we diligently ensure compliance and regulation, your time could be well spent on strategic decision-making activities.


Eibass Managed HR Services

HR outsourcing is much more than a cost saving measure. It is a strategic initiative that gives you the freedom to automate the routine, non-creative tasks and turn your attention to what is really important—your growth, long-term sustainability, and good ROI. By automating cumbersome and routine activities, you are free to focus on your organization’s core competencies.


Eibass Managed Travel Services

Managing a large business is a Himalayan task. What sets you apart from your competition is your ability to strategize efficiently and make the winning moves in an intensely competitive marketplace. To do this, you’ll need to focus on your core business. In short, wise businesses don’t sweat on minor tasks…they outsource it!


Eibass Managed Payroll Services

Outsourcing its payroll could be one of the best decisions a company ever takes – because choosing to do the payroll function in-house can be a real killer of time, effort and money.


Why choose Eibass Global Payroll & HR Solution?

    • Experience Innovation

From Chatbots to Cognitive Process Automation – simplifying user experience


    • Global Payroll

ONE PAYROLL console across all of ANZ, MENA & APAC including China & Japan


    • Deployment Model

Available on Cloud, on Premises, & as Managed Services


    • Minimalistic UI

Moving towards ZERO UI – HR transactions on the GO


    • Simple Licensing Policy

When you buy from Eibass, you buy it all – No hidden costs