EiBASS ERP : Production


Powering the Rise of Smart Production.

Globalization and fierce competition has turned the heat on producers, irrespective of their size and nature of business. Ahead of them lie complex challenges and intriguing opportunities. They are increasingly facing fluctuating customer demands and shrinking product life cycles. There is a constant pressure on producers to achieve more from less, diversify into new product lines, develop new business models, turnaround products quickly and cost effectively, comply with regulations and offer competitive prices.


The key to grab such opportunities and meet challenges lies in deploying a robust and flexible enterprise solution. Eibass Production Suite helps you to continually streamline and automate changing business processes covering entire spectrum of the value chain. The product provides excellent features for production management at the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), for both discrete and process industries.


Eibass Production is a comprehensive, feature-rich product that offers a wide spectrum of capabilities, designed to match your niche requirements in the most simple and efficient manner. In Eibass Production, the entire product life cycle is looked upon as a unified process, consisting of various elements and events, where several sources of variations are monitored and controlled to ensure that the final product meets the requisite specifications.


In a nutshell, Eibass Production – both discrete and process equips you to set up a sophisticated and automated workflow so that you are always ready to address the dynamics of your industry in the most agile, sophisticated and economical manner.


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