EiBASS ERP : Benefit - Power of One

Power of One

Running business is no longer simple and straightforward. Within your organisation you need to integrate all your functions from manufacturing to after sales, which might take place under one roof or across several countries through your branches and subsidiaries. On the other hand, you need to continually collaborate with your ever changing business community involving customers, suppliers, employee, sub-contractors, principals, OEMs, franchisees, distributors, agents and many others who form the Extended Enterprise.


Without a solution that interacts with other point solutions besides integrating core functions, your growth strategy may take a back seat. We can be of help.


EiBass ERP on Cloud, gives you the ‘Power of One’. The entire ERP suite has been built ground up using One Codebase. This ensures all components of ERP work seamlessly with each other. All modules of ERP has evolved in-house and the advantage of this over inorganic growth is that the User Experience is the same across all screens and WorkSpaces.


EiBass ERP on Cloud, gives you the ‘Power of One’. The ERP integrates all functional aspects of your organization and provides seamless workflow to create one unified processing & analysis interface. It is thus a complete tool for production planning, product designing, shop floor operations, sourcing, inventory, warehouse management, sales, shipping, Human resource Management and treasury management to name a few.


At the same time, the architecture of EiBass ERP applications, delivered using the EiBass VirtualWorks® platform is based on SOA standards; it provides a uniform, multi-layer architecture that works with all technologies and infrastructure platforms. This means you can integrate with other portals, devices and applications, phenomenally increasing the power to collaborate with all your business associates. It will also enable you to scale up or scale down in real-time, based on your business needs.