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EiBass Integration System

Now, Extend the Scope of Your Enterprise Solutions.

In the interconnected business environment of today, companies need to interact with a wide variety of clients, customers, suppliers and partners—both inside and outside of the enterprise. Finding cost effective and efficient ways of coordinating these interactions can contribute significantly to the success of the business. Hence, it becomes important for companies to integrate, automate, and streamline their core internal and external business processes across the extended enterprise. To retain some of the independent applications while bringing in state-of-the-art applications like EiBass, an integration solution, which supports a broad range of technology and integration capabilities, meets the requirements posed by the changing business environment, and makes all applications and processes work together, is the need of the hour.


EiBass Integration Services is a Web services platform that offers a complete integration solution for all EiBass ERP applications across industries. It is built on robust enterprise service bus engine technology, supporting industry best practices, standards and protocols. It can be used to connect EiBass ERP applications with multiple external partner systems, enterprise applications, EDI/Ecommerce interfaces and supports the deployment—both on-premises and on cloud architectures. It also facilitates exposing Web services API for delivering standards based integration.

Enterprise Service Workbench

Break Service Boundaries.


It is often found that the service boundaries of various applications are not uniform. There is a need for transforming the services for seamless communication between the systems. EiBass Integration System enables transformation of the native Web services to enterprise Web services according to standard format, terminology and documentation. Catalogs of Enterprise Web service API are published to support the most commonly used business processes integrations.

  • Utilize the framework for converting native services to applicable industry format.
  • Select operations and parameters applicable for the business process needs.

Integration Workbench

Intuitive Mapping


EiBass Integration System allows message transformation, routing and data services in various formats like Web services (SOAP & XML), text files (CSV, XML), database and legacy formats, which provides complete solution for integrating various systems and applications. It provides an intuitive drag and drop mapping tool for rule based data mapping across services.

  • Intuitive mapping (Drag and drop) source and destination fields with rule based transformation.
  • Supports comprehensive Integration development process work flow—request, allocation, design, testing, deployment and monitoring.
  • Graphical dashboard provides online status of message transmission and errors.