EiBASS ERP : Production - Discrete Production

Discrete Production

Launch an Automation Revolution in Your Production Business.

Eibass Discrete Production helps companies around the world produce cost-effectively, without compromising on quality and quantity. With this product, you can plan, track, analyze, and control major factors including materials, machinery, people and money.


Eibass Discrete Production seamlessly integrates with inventory, purchase, subcontracting and accounts, giving you overall visibility to make timely and sound decisions. You can benefit from a flexible and comprehensive planning, scheduling and execution system regardless of whether you are a single plant, multi-plant, multi-geography or multi-company enterprise.


Eibass Discrete Production supports complex make-to-order, make-to-stock, engineer-to-order and configure-to-order requirements for key verticals including auto components, industrial products & machinery, consumer products, hi-tech and precision engineering.

Production Data Management

Organize Production Data Better.


With Eibass Discrete Production, you can define, record, control and maintain data pertaining to your material and process specifications. You can access critical master data in real time. You can create multi-level product structures, support multiple routing options using process plans, and enforce controls over data using control units. You can define calendars for resources, activities and various associated properties such as run time, batch size, costing parameters, etc.

  •  Use the in-built flexibility to mimic your business processes.
  •  Define, control and maintain your complex material and process specifications easily.


Keep a Tab on the ‘Real’ Costs.


Eibass Discrete Production offers a sophisticated estimation functionality, which gives you complete freedom in estimating production costs. Upon receiving product inquiry, you can estimate product costs by taking into account material costs alone, processing costs alone or total production total cost, and come up with the right price.

  • Gain complete freedom in estimating costs for multiple products, clearly and accurately.
  • Distinctly identify the key cost drivers.
  • Determine product prices based on a comprehensive and accurate cost estimate for ensuring better margins.


Develop Realistic Plans and ensure Successful execution


Eibass Discrete Production offers industry standard MPS (Master Production Schedule), MRP (Production Resource Planning) and DRP (Distribution Requirements Planning) to cater to the varied requirements of complex product production. The product facilitates RCCP (Rough Cut Capacity Planning) by checking for capacity bottlenecks on critical resources. Eibass offers multi-plant production planning which allows comprehensive analysis of plans and uses action messages to guide planners. The product is integrated with inventory, purchase and subcontracting management to ensure end-to-end planning.

  • Leverage a comprehensive set of planning tools like, MRP, DRP, MPS and RCCP.
  • Plan well to keep production rolling, yet maintain optimal inventory levels.

Work Order Management

Align well to your Production Goals.


Eibass Discrete Production helps enterprises meet their production goals through effective work order management. The product is integrated with Eibass planning. You can create unplanned orders as well. You can allocate input item lots to work orders, carry out CTP (Capable to Promise) checks to ascertain your ability to meet requirements, combine and split work orders, and do more.

  • Get complete transparency of your work orders.
  • Tweak work orders easily to adapt to the dynamic manufacturing environment.
  • Plan work orders, or create manual orders for high priority requirements.

Finite Scheduling

Introduce a Dash of Discipline to the Production Workflow.


Eibass Discrete Production provides an excellent solution for managing the scheduling operations in small, mid-size and large plants. You can reduce wait time, increase on-time deliveries and reduce WIP (Work in Progress) inventories.


The product offers multiple options for managing schedules. You can sequence jobs using finite forward or backward scheduling, bottleneck scheduling, and other rules such as work order priority, slack time, critical ratio, total processing time, etc.

  • Optimize production process by scheduling with precision.
  •  Explore and choose from an array of scheduling functionality and options to manage production schedules.

Production Execution

Open a Window into the Shop Floor.


Eibass Discrete Production offers a comprehensive production reporting and control capability. You can monitor progress on a real-time basis. You can record data in multiple dimensions – items, resources and labor and report production milestones using well-designed interfaces. The product also allows you to record and track the accepted, rejected and scrap quantities of primary items, co-products and by-products. You can configure back-flush information to suit your environment. The product also allows you to track production lots and serial numbers. Integrated Quality Management helps you achieve and maintain high quality of your products. The product can be integrated with real time data collection systems to ensure error free and faster data collection.

  • Gain a 360-degree view of the shop floor and monitor progress in real-time.
  • Establish an effective flow of communication with the shop floor personnel for effective and efficient manufacturing.
  • Record data on multiple dimensions, like items, resources and labor, and report manufacturing milestones.


Measure Manufacturing Performance vis-à-vis Costs.


Eibass Discrete Production offers a comprehensive costing system that consistently measures and analyzes production costs. The product provides an integrated view of product and facility costs and also cost variances. You can speedily crunch cost numbers using estimation tool which helps in better decision-making. You can compare actual production cost with their estimated and planned cost values. The product lets you update standard cost based on actual historical production costs.

  • Keep a tab on product and facility costs in real time.
  • Easily compare actual manufacturing costs of products with their estimated and planned cost values.
  • Gain access to real time cost data and make future strategies and decisions based on it.

Engineering Change Management

Be in Control of Engineering Changes


Eibass Discrete Production supports comprehensive Engineering Change Management functionality which allows producers to take complete control over any kind of engineering changes – process, material or design. Any change in the engineering specifications can be tracked using version control, analyzed and controlled in the product. The process includes Engineering Requirement creation by a user, approval by the designated authority and implementation of the change requirements. The changes can be implemented with effect from a given date, if needed.

  • Keep detailed records of engineering changes.
  • Manage engineering changes in a structured manner.