EiBASS ERP : Dealer Management

Dealer Management

Unifies Dealers and Manufactures and helps them focus more on customers’ satisfaction – their key to growth

In a flat word, being in the business of Automobile, FMCG or a typical manufacturing segment, you are bound to deal with multiple levels of distributors/ dealers both globally and locally. Though they are often separate businesses and legal entities, with their own set of business goals, their success can mirror yours. Your dealer or distributor’s operational efficiency levels and customer satisfaction measures are no more their concern. To succeed jointly, you need to have broader, integrated, real-time data and processes.


On the other hand, being a dealer or a distributor is equally or more challenging. Your customer expects the right product or service on time, every time. For this, you need to optimally forecast, plan and align your inventories, resources, and processes on real-time. Whether your customer is on phone or in your showroom, if your employees lack real-time information and are inhibited by outdated processes you might have to face the risk of customer loyalty erosion. A smooth flow of information and data within various departments/ branches and also with your manufacturer is the key.


Ultimately whether you are a manufacturer or a distributor, to survive and succeed in the modern dealership environment, you need to deploy a sophisticated dealer management software that can help you deliver the right products at the right place and time for a right price.


Eibass Dealer Management System (DMS)

Eibass Dealer Management System is designed to integrate OEMs/ manufacturers, dealer networks, and end-customers so that the entire business value chain amongst them synergizes, ultimately providing solutions instead of products to customers. The software comprises application packages that smartly streamline distributors’ entire operations, while providing the manufacturer with a window into select areas of his distributors’ operations and vice versa. Such transparent and integrated operations ensure 360o focus on customers, a must to survive in the fierce competitive markets.


Moreover, as Eibass DMS is delivered on Cloud, you can avail the entire suite of product over the Internet, which gives you the freedom to access information from any part of the globe at the click of a button. Besides, Cloud delivery model ensures minimal investment and quick go live, a boon for companies looking to reduce TCO


For the manufacturer, Eibass DMS can act as an extended capability to Eibass industry –leading Eibass ERP on Cloud. With real-time integration across core functions such as manufacturing, finance, sales and service, sophisticated reporting and proven processes, Eibass DMS provide a high degree of data integrity and operational controls.

With Eibass Project management you can be assured of planning and administering the project management tasks and resources, end-to-end. You can record goals and milestones and map them against actual performance. The solution enables you to generate a project-wise profitability report through cost centers associated with projects/sub-projects.


Eibass Project Management can be easily integrated with other Eibass applications such as Procurement, Sales and Finance. The solution can also be integrated with Microsoft Enterprise Project Management Software and project scheduling can be done through that as well. To enable authorized access to a particular project, login ID and password can be provided to select ERP users.


Eibass Project Management guarantees to provide a direct solution to the market needs related to holistic Project Management & Accounting.


Project Administration

Ensure Resource Visibility & Project Security.


This module of Eibass Project Management software provides all the necessary features required to define, record and administer details pertaining to men and resources involved in the execution of the project. The solution offers features to define codes for incorporating user-defined requirements and record resources required for any work to be done during the project execution; here resources mean Man and Machine. You can also define tasks, which are the actual building blocks for the project, to indicate the real activities related to the project. The solution also allows you to map users to the project, thereby providing user level security and restrict unauthorized access.

  • Drive the Project Methodically. Administer your project resources end-to-end.
  • Define and record all key resources (Man and Machine) involved in the project.
  • Define access rights for people involved in the project to ensure user level security and restrict unauthorized access.

Project Planning

Avoid Unpleasant Surprises. Plan Well.


The relevance of resource and task planning can never be undermined in the course of execution of any project. The Project Planning module of Eibass Project Management solution enables you to effectively plan for your project so that you can define multiple tasks of a project / sub project in a planned sequence of execution. You can record nature of the tasks to be performed, details of the effort along with its UOM (unit of measure), details of the output quantity along with its UOM at a particular work area can be maintained.


Eibass Project Management solution also allows you to define material requirement and resource requirement for tasks, based on the defined work areas. Task information consists of work break down structure. Work plan can be also broken into discrete tasks defining the effort involved in each task, the actual location of these tasks. You can also record tasks that need to be subcontracted. For construction projects, there is also a facility to define real estate related masters such as land and land amalgamation details, work area details, and so on.

  • Plan ahead of the project and avoid resource leakage and time wastage.
  • Effectively define multiple tasks of a project/sub project in a planned sequence of execution.
  • Easily record tasks that need to be subcontracted through the same window of the module.

Project Tracking

Have a Tight Grip over the Project Developments.


This module of the Eibass Project Management solution empowers you to track all resources and performance of individuals involved in the execution of a project against the pre-defined parameters and goals. The solution offers the facility to record the project objectives and results, and also capture expected results as well as the actual results for effective analysis. Records pertaining to milestone completion can also be recorded. By effectively tracking the progress of the project, you can identify and analyze the issues and risks involved in the project. Details of how the issues were resolved and how the mitigation plan and contingency plans were evolved can also be maintained. Project / sub project status can be updated as closed on project completion and ongoing project / sub project can also be short-closed on giving appropriate reason.

  • Record and track details related to project progress, resource performance, milestones achieved, effectively.
  • Map expected results against the actual results for effective resource performance analysis.
  • Identify and analyze the issues and risks involved in the project and deal with them proactively.

Project Billing

Classify Cost Centers.


Projects can be classified based on its nature such as Generic or Construction, or based on its size as Small, Medium or Big, or further can even be classified as Billable or Non- billable. With Eibass Project Management solution you can define cost centers related to your project. Billing and Payable milestones can be defined and planned/projected revenue/disbursement details of a project against each milestone can be captured. Milestones can be mapped to Project cost centers and invoices can be generated against reported milestones. This module provides the necessary framework to calculate overall project costs as well as classified costs such as task-wise, milestone-wise, resource-wise costs.

  • Define cost centers and billable & non- billable attributes related to your project.
  • Calculate overall project costs as well as classified costs such as task-wise, milestone-wise, resource-wise costs.

Project Accounting

Account for Every Penny Spent.


This module of Eibass Project Management software enables you to map cost group to account codes for consolidating the project expenses and revenues. The solution offers the provision to record account-based project budgets. It offers an option for mass approval of account budgets for multiple projects. Project budgets can be defined for Account code – Finance Book – Financial year – Project code combination. You can also record funds received against a project and indicate whether a fund can be used for the entire project or to be utilized only for the execution and completion of a specific component of the project. Fund currency can also be different from the project currency.

  • Define project budgets.
  • Consolidate expenses and revenues and record account-based project budgets.
  • Record funds received against a project whether a fund can be used for the entire project or partially.

Project Profitability

Know the Profit Gains or Dips.


Eibass Project Management software offers the facility to analyze profitability of projects and sub-projects, by leveraging cost centers in Project Management Accounting module. You can ascertain task-wise, resource-wise performance or overall performance of the project by comparing actual versus planned expenses, actual revenue with forecasted revenue and actual profitability against planned profitability to analyze profitability percentage.

  • Generate your project’s performance report card to ascertain your projects’ or sub-projects’ profitability, or task-wise/resource-wise profitability.
  • Measure profitability, objectively, by comparing actual versus planned expenses, actual revenue with forecasted revenue and actual profitability against planned profitability.