Eibass Edu Solution : Benefit - Varied Exam Types

Online Aptitude Test

Online Aptitude test is useful to check problem solving, analytical, decision making ability of the individual. Apart from domain knowledge it is essential to have aptitude quotient of the person above average level.

Many organizations are conducting aptitude test using our platform to understand problem solving quotient of the prospective employee/candidate.

Personality Test

It is useful to know nature of the person before hiring. Many organizations are relying on personality tests to know candidates.

Face to face interview may not reveal all the facts of personality so standard assessment process can help organizations to take right decision about hiring particular candidate.

Online Test Series

Our Platform supports facility to conduct online test series. Indian education system favors practice mock papers to prepare for the competitive exams.

There are hundreds of competitive exams are being conducted across India for management education, banking recruitment, BBA, MCA, LIC, Bank PO, SSI, PSI, MPSC etc. Success for each competitive exam depends on preparation for each topic and practicing mock exams.

Skill India Tests

Our Platform supports features required for skill assessment and Training. If you wish to conduct assessment for specific skill domain then we have technology and features to implement it.

Entrance Exams

Student selection during admission process is one of the key tasks for the education institutes and universities.

Collecting student applications, issuing exam hall tickets, managing online entrance exam process and result processing are some of the key tasks to be managed & entire process can be digitized.

Our platform has managed many entrance exams of reputed institutes and universities for admission process of MBA, BBA, MCA, PhD, Engineering etc.

Subjective Test

Useful to conduct exams where candidate is supposed to type answers for theory based questions. Our platform supports theory based exams with answer checking facility available for examiner.