Eibass Edu Solution : Benefit - Online Exam Analytics

Individual Ranking of the Exam Result

System generates individual ranking based on total score of the candidate during online exam. You can also get detailed analysis of topic wise performance.

Pass/ Fail Status

You can see status of individual candidate based on Examination Scoring Criteria


Minimum / Maximum and Average Score

You can see minimum, maximum and average score of the batch of particular online exam

Topic wise Performance of the Candidate

Particular exam may have one or more topics , candidate result can be analyzed based on performance of individual topic, total questions attempted , total correct questions, total incorrect questions etc.

Question wise performance of the whole Batch

You can see overall batch performance related to individual question. e.g. if in the batch of 100 particular question is wrongly answered by more than 90 candidates then it can be indicator that that topic is not clear with the batch or question is incorrect